View From My Writing Nook

View From My Writing Nook

I saw three of them across the lake from my house. I guess that they were a family, definitely traveling together. There were two walking outside the tree line on the snow at the edge of the lake, and another about thirty yards up the hillside inside the trees, keeping pace. The third looked a little larger than the other two.

I grabbed my binoculars and had a close-up look. Unlike the slender legs and dainty frame I’ve seen on other coyotes, these had beautiful, thick furry coats, a snout shaped closer to a German shepherds, and sturdy legs. The other features were a bushy tail straight back from the rump, and ears that peaked straight up.

By their behavior, I figure the two outside the trees were a mother and pup, although they were about the same size. There is no doubt that Mom was superior to the pup by the submissive actions of the latter. Mom hacked up something she had eaten, and when Pup showed interest, Mom advanced on him, and he laid down, groveling. She returned to whatever she had thrown up and slowly ate it, apparently for the second time.

They came to the path from the house-on-the-hill, which ran down to the lake, and Big Guy sniffed and took a long time before crossing the narrow open space.

About that time, the dog from the house-on-the-hill started barking. All three of the critters ran back in the direction from which they came.

Have you ever heard of a Coywolf? They are the result of a coyote and a wolf mating. My reaction was “No Way!” 

Apparently, they are real-

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