Thoughts from years ago

Thoughts from years ago

I've been focused on the followup story to The Thirty-Ninth Man and haven't attended to my responsibilities regarding this blog. Sorry about that! This is from my scrapbook from the past.

The face of GOD

I suppose it was inevitable that I died in the fall since that time of year has always been my nemesis. I’ve been gone a year now. Enough time for me to sift through the memories that were my life.

I’ve learned what it’s all about, life I mean. It’s true that we were made in Gods image, who by the way, is just as I expected. It is also true that we become what we are by the choices we make. Free Will. Our environment influences those choices and can make the difference between where I am now and the other place, shudder the thought.

What I like best about this place is the supreme gift of revisiting my most treasured moments in the wink of an eye. I see what formed my life and governed the choices I made and I understand how my soul was nurtured.


I am poking and prodding a burning pile of leaves as my father leans on his rake in the hollow by my boyhood home. We talk about school and slingshots and fires and whatever we think. He always had time to talk to me. A great man and one I can now visit whenever I want. My childhood, strong in values and long in play, did much to form my soul’s makeup and direction.

I see my indoctrination to the U.S. Navy. The chaos of joining a group of untrained youth desperately searching for their manhood. It was good for me. It taught me discipline. But I accomplished things that did nothing for my evolving soul other than place that evolution on hold while living the devil’s influence.

There is my wedding day, the most important single day in my life, and starting a chain reaction that continues unabated.

There is death; death that delivers a wailing sorrow and a leaden heart unable to cope with the pain.

There is life. Grandchildren and joy so powerful it cannot be contained. The same sorrowful heart is now so full that it soars aloft on the updrafts of blissful hope.

Death that leads to life; life that leads to death.

There it is. That’s what it’s all about.

You nurture your soul by living each day. You make choices that will shelter your soul and keep it safe, as you would protect a newborn bunny in your cupped hands. You spread joy and goodwill every day of your life. In doing this, you will nurture your soul, and your death will bring you life.

Full circle.

You will be carried on angel’s wings to gaze into the face of God.

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