Scary, very scary

Scary, very scary

This social media thing is possibly the most intimidating project I've ever attempted. Writing a book and getting it published by a traditional publisher was like a ride in the park compared to running a sales campaign.

I am trying to spread the word that my kid's book, "The Wild Ways–Mystery of the Hanging Tower," will be free on Amazon from tomorrow, 9/19 through Saturday 9/23. My hope is that a few may enjoy my writing and put me on their authors list. I plan on sequels to both of my books in spring of 2018. By the way, I'm learning that the older folks enjoy The Wild Ways as much or more than the kids. SO MUCH FOR THAT.

It is the time of year that the critters are especially busy preparing for the upcoming winter. I have chipmunks flying past the door like bullets while the grey squirrels spend their time chewing leaf clusters and hauling them to freshen their nests; others bounce along carrying apples that are bigger than their little heads. The geese are noisy, the Snowy Egrets have already left, but the Blue Herons remain to thrill us with their huge wingspan and superior fishing skills while wading the shoreline. As I sit in my writing nook looking out at this wonderful creation, I am reminded of something a nephew said to my mother as they looked on a scene like this; "Ain't it beautiful, what God made." 

It certainly is a beautiful world, especially when you are alone with nature.

If you want to visit back to the 50s and get a glimpse of what it was like where I was a little kid, please take advantage of my free book from Amazon from tomorrow through this Saturday. It is nearly an autobiography of my life as a ten-year-old.

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