March Snow

March Snow

We awoke on March 23rd to nearly 10” of fresh, moisture laden snow. March has always been a transitional month in Minnesota and this year it seems particularly harsh. Ten inches of snow is a drop in the bucket compared to what Boston and points east have suffered through, but this comes a slap in the face after enjoying more than a week of weather near the 70-degree mark.

Being a glass-half-full personality, I see the beauty it represents. The demarcation between the now open lake and the clean white border is awesome to behold. The wet snow gathers on the trees like a picture of a fantasy environment. I sit on the porch and listen to the constant chatter of the Canadian geese claiming their own portion of land and water, warning others that this is their bit of heaven, stay away. The ganders charge interlopers to their claim, necks stretched forward; serious business in the goose world.

The crows, abundant in this area, are shouting their raucous ‘caw-caw’, rattling the trees as they call family members. The lake has Mallard ducks pairing up and the occasional Bufflehead swims the surface. The Wood ducks have not yet arrived, nor have the mergansers. With many Wood duck houses that scatter along the length of the lake, as well as the many trees with natural nesting cavities, they return every year to raise their families. The calls of the cardinal echo in the air as they rejoice in life.

March 23rd was a pretty good day.

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