Evolution vs. Creation

Evolution vs. Creation

The Nest

An unexpected movement drew my eye,
a flash of orange in waves of pale green.

It hangs like a half full marble pouch,
intricately woven with astonishing skill.

It clings to the supple tips as the willow branch
is nudged by the breeze,
swaying in long arcs.

The beautiful Oriole;
the perfect nest;

Only the perfect word of God

* * * *

I used to wonder about God versus evolution. I couldn’t wrap my mind around either. If God created the universe and all that is in it . . . in six days, what’s up with all the scientific discoveries that seem to prove the earth is millions of years old? How is this reconciled?

Can science and God coexist? Most assuredly, but, to say that man evolved from virtually nothing, strikes me as ridiculous. The frog, the elephant, the bird; each evolved from nothing, as well? We all slithered out of a primordial soup, source unknown, to grow in our own separate directions? C’mon.

* * * *

Is there a God, an entity behind creation, or is all existence a product of chemical reaction—an accident if you will—and of subsequent evolution? How is it possible that the oriole reached its current evolutionary state coincidental with man and other mammals at their current states, coincidental with the archaic sturgeon and the Nile crocodile coincidental with the exotic orchids and other flora and fauna?

Which requires more faith: the belief in a creator or the belief that creation was happenstance?

As the bedrock for their belief in evolution as the source of all living things the happenstance proponent claims science disproves creation as recorded in the bible. Seven days to create everything in the universe? Get real, they say. Science has proven the earth to be millions of years old yet Moses describes creation as a seven-day event. How could he possibly know? Besides, the mutations necessary for the earth to become what it is and the life forms it supports could never happen in seven days.

The scoffers claim carbon dating offers proof that millions of years have come and gone. Take a look at the link below to learn a little about carbon dating and how the results have been skewed by faulty assumptions. Copy it, paste it in your browser window, hit enter and see what comes up.


Those that believe that the creation story as told in the bible is the real deal start with the absolute belief that the Bible is truly God’s word given to his crowning achievement—man—who he created in his own image. I am one of those with the firm belief that the Bible is the inspired word of the Triune God, delivered to us for our salvation.

There are many scriptural passages that make me believe everything written in the bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible contains prophecies of future events written hundreds of years before they came to fulfillment. Some are being fulfilled today. Some are yet to be fulfilled.

To understand the message delivered by the bible you need to examine the scripture being studied. The Holy Spirit inspired all scripture. To get a clear understanding of the books of the bible you must ask yourself: who is writing; what is the circumstance at the time it was written; to whom it was written; approximate date of it’s writing as supported by historical events and real people.

Many believe the bible is filled with contradictions. There are no contradictions in the bible. What may appear as contradictory becomes supportive evidence to the word of God when placed in the context of where, when, and to whom it was directed.

* * * I will begin at Genesis 1:1 and explain why I believe * * *

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