Eternity is forever

Eternity is forever

Eternity — Forever — A state where time does not exist. 

Think about it. Find a comfortable chair, turn off radio, TV, anything that could intrude, sit back, close your eyes, and study the concept for as long as you can without allowing another thought to enter.

If you’re like me it sacred the daylights out of you. Imagine. Forever is never ending. I never dared think about it too long because the concept was so frightening to me. In my mind, it would be easier to live my life, however I pleased, then just go away never to experience anything else, forever.

There’s that word again—forever.

I have come to believe that eternity is for real; furthermore, we will all consciously experience it. If ever anything should cause pause it is that concept. Imagine never ending bliss versus never ending pain. I mean, IMAGINE IT! FOREVER—ETERNITY—NEVER ENDING.

I will be adding a new post weekly that I hope will encourage you to—at the very least—consider the bible and the message within. I will try to explain my belief in the importance of studying the contents of the bible and using that content as a guide. I believe four things:

1. Eternity is real and forever and we will all be conscious forever.
2. God created everything—and the bible is a holy revelation to the past, and to what is to come.
3. Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, died, was buried and rose from the dead. He has paid the price of redemption; we have only to believe. We are saved by faith alone.
4. The holy bible is our guide to ensuring heavenly bliss forever.

I invite you to join me on a journey through the word of God and discover what the book says, not an interpretation of what it says, but exactly what is written. It is clear and unambiguous.

****Next Sunday — Science and the Word, can they co-exist?

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