Dale Swanson, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1942, now makes his home in Prior Lake. Married since 1965, he has two children and four granddaughters. 

He retired from Qwest Communications in 2008. Dale has taken writing classes at the University of Michigan and has been a member of The Loft Literary Center since 2003. His historical novel about the Minnesota Dakota War of 1862, "THE THIRTY-NINTH MAN" is now available at bookstores and on Amazon — ISBN- 978-0-9863267-1-4. 

The second and final book about the Sioux Indian Wars is scheduled for a June 20, 2018 relaese. "TEARS OF SORROW" (ISBN-978-0-9863267-4-5) concludes at the heartbreak of Wounded Knee in 1890. http://amzn.to/2vVKPN3 Brings you to the Amazon page. Go to  http://bit.ly/2vyFjUn to read more about his existing and upcoming books.

His fantasy chapter book for readers from 9 to 90, "THE WILD WAYS–MYSTERY OF THE HANGING TOWER" can be purchased via IngramSpark, Amazon, ISBN-978-0-9863267-0-7 or by ordering a signed copy on this site by stating the Wild Ways. The cost for that book is $9.95 plus shipping when ordered here.

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An avid outdoorsman, Dale is the holder of three U.S. patents aligned with the sport of archery.



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On these pages you will find poetry, a serialized fantasy novella for 7-12 year old readers, The Wild Ways, as well as a serialized memoir, Island Park - a glimpse into family and the 1950s, and you'll find links to websites that may be of interest. An informal blog, Ramblings, contains periodic updates from the mind of a busy person —and— the latest addition, Eternity, are you ready, where we will unravel the bible and learn truths therein with no agenda except to learn to study what it says.

— The Thirty-ninth Man —  

The book's characters are now included on author's posts. Under, The Thirty-ninth Man, click on the 'READ MORE' button and then click on the 'BOOKS CHARACTERS' button.



Now available at North Star Press of St. Cloud, Minnesota, book stores, and Amazon. Signed copies can be ordered through this website and are shipped next day postage prepaid with additional story background information included.


Visit this page for a list of author events. My events will include a brief reading followed with an open discussion regarding the 1862 Dakota War. Period maps identifying battle scenes and locations integral to the novel will aid the discussion. I will answer questions about the book, and free informational literature will be available.

This page also contains links to event listings that you may find of interest: festivals, fairs, and other artist events within Minnesota.

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